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Registrar Code of Conduct

dotPH Registrars must:

  • Provide complete, accurate and up-to-date contact information, including postal address, telephone numbers and email addresses.
  • Make sure that its employees and personnel are familiar with all Registrar's obligations as specified in the dotPH Registrar Services Agreement.
  • Not portray itself as a part of the dotPH Registry, whether as a joint venture or affiliated company in any representation to Registrants, whether via letters, emails or claims on the Registrar's website.
  • Not perform any action that prevents any legitimate domain name registration or renewal.
  • Not send a renewal notice for a domain name, or anything that could reasonably be interpreted to be a renewal notice, to a Registrant or any other person, unless:

    - the Registrar sending the renewal notice is the registrar-of-record; and

    - the recipient is noted on the register as either the registrant or one of the contacts for the domain name.

  • Registrars will only offer their services to registrants for whom they are not currently the registrar-of-record if:

    - it is clear that the offer is a solicitation for new business;

    - the offer specifies that the registrant is under no obligation to respond in any way. The offer should state that nothing will happen to their domain name, or their rights to it, if they do not respond;

    - the offer does not include specific domain name or related information such as expiry or renewal dates

    - it is clearly explained that the registrant may need to transfer between Registrars if they accept the offer, and any costs associated with the transfer are clearly identified;

    - the contact information for any registrant is not obtained from the dotPH WHOIS server.

For a more comprehensive listing of Registrar obligations, please see the Registrar Service Agreement .