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We understand the concept of less downtime = less loss. That's why in dotPH, we treat your dedicated servers as our own by putting it in the same data center where our server is. And never have our servers gone down, and expect that also to yours.

We keep it cool. Our data center is equipped with the state of the art ventilation and cooling systems that ensure your machines are running comfortably and conditioned in tip top shape. No need to worry about the electricity costs too. We got it all covered. Your dedicated server will live a sweet suite life.

Security? Check. Keycard protocols + round-the-clock interior and exterior surveillance monitor access + 24/7 security personnel = machines are well protected from internal and external malicious intent. Your dedicated server will be protected like a prized fighter.

Convenience. Unlike other dedicated hosting services, we offer a Remote KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) system. Remotely reboot your machine, install applications, set your configurations as if you're physically in front of your machine! It's a long distance relationship without the loneliness.

One Stop Shop. Worry no more about paying different firms for your electricity, bandwith, support and other services. Our wide array of payment options allow you to settle your balance at your convenience. We're the convenience store of dedicated hosting.

We have the brains, the brawns and the belt. This is one of the things that make us the best among the rest. We do not just offer excellent and red carpet treatment support. What we offer is 20 years worth of experience as an industry leader. We take web hosting very seriously, hence, our staff is composed of technical specialists and network engineers who have been doing this for years. We're the Entourage of Excellence and you're The Star.

We're here to help your business grow. Depend on us.

Dedicated Hosting Feature
All plans come with:

Static, public IP

CentOS linus OS pre-installation

Kloxo hosting panel

SSH remote access

Remote server reboot with web-based control panel

Shared bandwith, with direct peering with local broadband providers.

Local support: voice, email and chat


High Availability Option
This option provisions a second identical server and the system is configured such that: Real time data synchronization of data is implemented between the primary and secondary server.

Software heartbeat is implemented to test for service failures and an automatic switchover from primary to secondary is done when problems are detected.

Network Backup Option
This option provisions additional NAS to be available to the provisioned server as extra storage medium for backups or related requirements. Rates for this depend on the amountof storage to reserve:

250Gb, 500Gb, 1Tb

To get more info on our hosting services, please call us or email us.

637-2104 to 05

[email protected]

Dedicated Hosting Plans
Middleweight Server

Equivalent to
Dual Core 32bit Intel/AMD CPU
200GB Redundant (RAID) Disk Space
Bandwidth 500GB
1 Static IP Address

Cruiserweight Server

Equivalent to
Dual Core 32 bit Intel/AMD CPU
500GB Redundant (RAID) Disk Space
Bandwidth 1TB
1 Static IP Address

Heavyweight Server

Equivalent to
Quad Core 64 bit Intel/AMD CPU
1TB Redundant (RAID) Disk Space
Bandwidth 1TB
1 Static IP Address