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Building a Strong Brand with the Right PH Domain

Often, people ask why it is necessary to build an online presence, especially if you’re a small business owner or a freelancer. When starting your own business, one of the most important concerns is to develop your identity to the world. In this days and age, taking your business online is a must. As the majority of the businesses right now are happening on the internet. Having a website with the right PH domain is an effective method to showcase your personal/business brand... Read More

dotPH to Extend Domain Renewal Payments

Effective immediately, all expiring PH domains registered directly from DotPH will not need to be renewed for the next 30 days. No need to rush to an ATM or deposit a check during this community quarantine. No need to pay us while your business operations are suspended. Please note that this is only applicable to PH domain renewals... Read More

Swapped domain sold for $5,000

After only over a month since the launch of the Domain Swap service, a domainer has struck gold by making the biggest sale for a swapped domain to date.

A domain buyer had swapped their two domains for two new domains and subsequently listed them on dotPH’s Marketplace for $5,000 each. Just two days later, one was bought at its listing price. ... Read More

dotPH Rolling Out Domain Swap Service for Partners

Last May 22, we released an innovative new service called Domain Swap that lets our registrants easily swap their current domain for a new one, whether it's for their personal brand or for selling on our Marketplace. Since then there has been significant traction among registrants swapping their domains. This includes a domain sale for $5,000 almost immediately after the domain was swapped... Read More

dotPH Introduces First ever ‘Domain Swap’ Service

dotPH, the official domain registry of the Philippines, is unveiling an innovative domain service: Domain Swap. The unprecedented concept will help domain buyers easily replace their unwanted or unused domains instead of purchasing or registering new ones... Read More