After only over a month since the launch of the Domain Swap service, a domainer has struck gold by making the biggest sale for a swapped domain to date.

A domain buyer had swapped their two domains for two new domains and subsequently listed them on dotPH’s Marketplace for $5,000 each. Just two days later, one was bought at its listing price.

Domain Swap was launched with the purpose of simplifying the process of domain buying and registration. With the service, users wouldn’t have to jump through hoops trying to get the domains they want by repeatedly buying, selling or registering names.

Nowadays, domain buyers use methods like Domain Tasting to lessen their risks in domaining.’s sale could signify a change in domain buying. Domain Swap could cater to domainers who want to be shrewd about their domain purchases as well as buyers who immediately want to sell a trendy name or businesses that want to rebrand. One could also expect that with Domain Swap people might be more willing to dip their toes in domaining.

Whether or not the service will influence or cause any changes in methods in domaining is too early to tell. For now, we can only guess what will happen to the domain landscape in the near future with Domain Swap.