Effective immediately, all expiring PH domains registered directly from dotPH will not need to be renewed for the next 30 days.

No need to rush to an ATM or deposit a check during this community quarantine. No need to pay us while your business operations are suspended. Please note that this is only applicable to PH domain renewals; and will not apply to hosting, G Suite, Office 365, or SSL Certificate renewals. Our suppliers aren't extending us that courtesy, so this is what we can extend to you.

We are happy to help you, our nameholders. It's our way of thanking the community for their support over the last 30 years! Please note that the 30 day period ends on April 25, 2020. So please remember to pay your renewal fee by then!

To avail of this, please contact our support people by chat between 9am-6pm, or send an email to helpdesk@dot.ph. If you are a dotPH Registrar and wish to extend the same courtesy to their PH nameholders in the Philippines, please contact partners@dot.ph.