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Keep your data on a need-to-know basis.

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What is Nextcloud?

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Nextcloud is a private file syncing and sharing cloud service for groups that need easy yet secure access to their data. It also lets its users easily connect and collaborate with one another.

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As a private self-hosting cloud server, Nextcloud stores your data without any third-party apps, securing your files better. To further ensure privacy, Nextcloud enforces higher and stricter authentication for its users. And even within your server, you can control access and grant permission to specific files and records to a select group of users.

So why get a private cloud service over a public cloud service?

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Stronger security, better privacy measures - Being a self-sufficient file sharing service, Nextcloud commits itself to providing the highest security for your data. Without a third-party software handling your server, your group gets exclusive access and can even monitor your company data.

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Large file storage and easy collaboration - On Nextcloud, you can still work with your team on the server where your company data is being stored. Share ideas with coworkers in the same interface using Nextcloud’s document collaboration app.

What you'll Get

  • Secure File Storage and Exchange via Encryption and Authentication
  • Open-Source Server
  • Collaborative Documents Application
  • User-friendly Interface with Easy Access, Mobile and Desktop Compatibility
  • Built-In Accounts for Users with Account Management for Administrators
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A Plan customized to your Needs

Prioritizing storage space and protection for your data, Nextcloud is perfect for industries that require strong security to accommodate large files containing sensitive and important information.

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Offering banking or financial services? Ensure confidentiality and security for your clients with their data stored somewhere only authorized personnel can access.

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Healthcare Services

Patient confidentiality is one of the most basic and important obligations of medical professionals. Protect their information from identity theft with end-to-end encryption.

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Law and Notary

Personal documents and records are a sensitive and crucial component to your clients’ profile. Keep them classified in Nextcloud’s private servers.

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Media and Advertising

Aside from extensive security features, Nextcloud provides substantial storage capacity for your files and a user-friendly interface for you and your entire team.

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