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tailored to your business

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Have your website designed for you

A professional, well designed, easy to navigate website to captivate your customers.

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Why dotPH Web Builder?

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Affordable Prices

dotPH will focus on your website so that you can focus on what matters: Your business. dotPH will build design and edit your website. All for an affordable price.

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Web Hosting Included

Not only does dotPH design the website, but we also provide web hosting services. The servers will be hosted locally to ensure the your customers have optimal connection to the website.

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Ease of navigation

A clean website. Have your customer find what they need with only a few clicks. With intuitive navigation points and a natural flow, your customers are guaranteed a great user experience.

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Mobile Compatibility

Not only will your website look beautiful on a computer screen, but with dotPH you will also have a fully functional, well designed mobile website for all of your customers on their phones or tablets.

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Constant Updates

Edit your website at anytime. Our design team is ready, willing and able to alter your website to fit your creative ideas.

A Different Website for a Different Business

Your business is different. Your customers are different. Your website needs to be different. Get a professionally designed website that highlights everything that makes your business special.

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Small Business Websites

Just another face in the crowd for now. It's time to stand out.

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Retail & Consumer Website

An emotive website to capture the true experience of your business.

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E-Commerce Website

A website that create the best shopping experience for the users.

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Web Design Packages

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$ 70

(1-100 products)

$ 16 / month

(101-2500 products)

$ 44 / month

(unlimited edits)

$ 40 / month

*Edits are refined as changes to texts and images etc.*
*Changes to layout, design, color etc. are NOT included in the retainer*