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Web Design Fulfillment Plan

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We believe that an in-depth brief of your wants and needs are essential to creating a great website and doing it as quickly as possible with the least amount of unnecessary communication.

We have created an online build sheet that will assist you in providing all the information required for us to create your perfect website. To help us, you can upload the images that you would like to include. We provide links to the templates that we will be using so that you can pick how your website would like to look based on your options. If that is not enough, you can link examples that you would like your website to be patterned after. This is all done so that we are able to build your perfect website with the least amount of unnecessary communication.

Once we have all the information we need,we can get started on crafting a mockup of your website.

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Using the information gathered from the build sheet, we will create a design mockup of the potential front page of your website

This process can take up to 3 days but it could also take less than that depending on the requests that you have made. The mockup will be sent as a PDF for you to view. You will then be able to make suggestions on any change and edit you want done to the design.

We then make the changes and edits that you requested for and present the mock up to you once again. Once you have fully gone over the mock up design and given us your approval on the concept, dotPH will then start to fully design the website.

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The website will initially be built with a Duda account owned by us.This is so that we don’t have to request for your account details. In addition, we are the ones who are designing the website. However, after the site is published and is live, the website will be transferred to your duda account, enabling you to edit the the website as much as you like.

Depending on the design and the number of pages you requested, the process of creating the website can take up to 7-10 days. After the design is complete, you will be asked to view your unpublished website. You will be allowed one round of changes and edits to be made to the website. These changes will then be implemented before taking the site live.

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In the online build form that was presented to you, we ask for information such as DNS Hosting and/or cPanel access so that we have enough information to take the site live.

Once the payment has been made and the site is ready to go live, it will be transferred to your Duda account and then all that is left is to click publish to make the site live.

Congratulations! You have your own professionally designed website, live on the internet!

Now that everything is taken care of, we’re sure you have some questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

An edit is a change in text that is used for the website. Another form of an edit is change of an image used, the relocation of an image or resizing an image.
A change is anything having to do with redesigning the website.
It is covered in the terms and conditions but it is a chargeable item.
If this is to occur, we will fix it on our own, not at the cost of your business or anything else.