Virtual Private Server

Get dotPH linux VPS hosting and get the resources you need to keep growing your business.

Hosting Features

  • Static, public IP
  • CentOS linux OS pre-installation
  • Kloxo hosting panel
  • SSH remote access (for HeavyWeight Dedicated Server)
  • Remote server reboot with web-based control panel
  • Shared bandwith, with direct peering with local broadband providers.
  • Local support: voice, email and chat

Depend on us.

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Less Downtime = Less Loss

We treat your virtual private server like our own. Your servers will be in the same data center that ours are in. Expect the same level of uptime from the company that has been running the Philippine domain system continuously for almost 30 years.

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We Keep It Cool

Our data center is equipped with state-of-the-art ventilation and cooling systems that ensure your machines run in tip-top shape. And no need to worry about the electricity costs -- we have it all covered. Your virtual private server will be living a sweet suite life.

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Security Check

Keycard protocols + 24-hour internal / external surveillance monitors + 24/7 security personnel = protection from malicious intent, inside and out.

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One Stop Shop

Paying different firms for your electricity, bandwidth and support is a major headache. Our wide array of payment options allow you to settle your balance quickly and easily. We're the convenience store of VPS hosting.


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High Availability Option

When going offline is not an option for your business. We provision a second identical server that synchs with your primary server in real-time. We also set up 'heartbeat’ software to test for service failures and perform an automatic switchover from primary to secondary servers when problems are detected.

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Network Backup Option

Set aside additional NAS to be available to the provisioned server as extra storage for backups or similar requirements. Rates depend on the amount of reserve storage needed. Comes in 250GB, 500GB and 1TB packages.

Virtual Private Server and Dedicated Hosting Plans

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