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Web Design Terms and Conditions

dotPH will use images provided by you or will use image from its collection or images found from the internet. If any image is required to be purchased by dotPH, you will be informed of the cost. Once dotPH has received your approval, the cost will be included to your invoice.

The client is responsible for all spelling and grammar check of the contents.

dotPH will build your website based on, but not limited to, the pictures and information provided in the official build form and/or the emails, text and messages from you.

Images and videos provided must be labeled properly and of the best quality possible. Videos must be in the Youtube or Vimeo format, no other format will be considered.

dotPH will create the website with a mockup for the first page for all devices, desktop, tablet and mobile form. The mockup will be presented to you within 72 working hours for approval before dotPH is able to create the websites full build. The mockup presented will provide minimal content, and focus mainly on the design concept nature of the website. The mock up will be charged at a 50% down payment before it is executed. This is payment is non refundable, and is payable even if you decide against taking the website to the full build. If you decide to proceed forward and create the full website, the mock up charge becomes part of the full build cost.

After receiving approval of the mockup, dotPH will create the full build of the website based on the approved upon mockup, which will take within 7-21 working days. You are allowed to make one round of edits to website based on the information that you have provided us on the build form and any prior communication. Any changes or additions to the websites that were not provided in the initial mockup, build form or prior communications will be completed at a cost of $15 USD per change.

dotPH defines an edit as a change to content that doesn’t require a change in graphics, layout or the creation of additional pages. A change is defined as something that requires dotPH to alter the graphic design, template or layout, or the creation of additional pages.

As you are allowed to provide outside links/and or third party applications or websites, dotPH will not be held responsible if it doesn’t work well with the website.

dotPH will only allow you to access the website after it has been made live. Once the website has been made live, any changes made by the client to the website that result in damages, errors or anything similar, will not be a responsibility of dotPH. dotPH will be able to fix the problems at an additional cost.

Any and all graphic works done by dotPH will remain property of dotPH and will be watermarked until all costs have been paid.

Failure to pay any month to month payment will result in a 7 day deadline to rectify the payment situation of which you will be notified. If the situation isn’t rectified within 7 days, your services will be suspended.

dotPH will use email, Skype chat, and/or text messaging for any form of communication with you.

dotPH makes no guarantees that any of its products or services will increase your business, give you page one Google ranking, increase revenues or cure Global Warming, the common cold or create world peace.

dotPH believes that the customer isn’t always right. If you show the tendency to treat our staff in an unfit manner, we will advise you of your actions and request that you behave properly. dotPH also reserves the right to terminate our business with you.

dotPH reserves the right to decline projects that have content that is discriminatory, violent or is sexually explicit in nature.

All terms and conditions above are subject to change without prior notice.