About dotPH

dotPH is the Official Domain Registry of the Philippines. We are the center of the Philippine Internet Domain Name System. We have been involved in the Internet since 1989, five years before the Philippines was officially connected to the Internet backbone.

Dependability, reliability and innovation are hallmarks of the services we offer.

As the Official Domain Registry of the Philippines, dotPH is the center of the Philippine Internet Domain Name System.

Our servers are the lifeline of the Philippine domain system and have been running continuously -- without a single outage -- for over 22 years. Our clients rely on us to ensure their domain names are up and running at all times. Our system routinely handles over hundreds of thousands of queries a day. We maintain over 80 servers, complete with firewalls, anti-virus protection and security against Denial-of-Service and other attacks.

The PH domain namespace is well into its growth phase. Since the market is not yet saturated as opposed to gTLDS like .com,.net or .org, most individuals as well as businesses can register the domain of their choice. This is crucial for developing one's brand and vital in creating one's online presence.

Businesses are more and more recognizing the benefits of owning a PH domain over an ordinary .com domain. The biggest local corporations like Ayala, San Miguel Corp, PLDT, Globe Telecom, Jollibee Foods Corp to name a few have opted to use .PH domains as part of their corporate identity and brand management. As an effect, most Filipinos believe that any local business with an online presence has to have a PH domain. Moreover, dotPH has domain registrants from over 75 countries, spanning from individuals to Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft, IBM, Citibank, AOL-Time Warner, Nike, Philip Morris, Wal-Mart and many others. To know more about the benefits of owning a PH domain click here.

While our primary role is to manage and maintain the integrity of the database, we are currently working with our Partner Registrars in marketing and promoting the PH domains as part of our efforts to develop and mature the PH domain namespace. We're proud to have hundreds of Registrar-Partners from all over the world and have close relationships with the largest Internet providers in the Philippines.

Part of our commitment to our partners is our constant efforts to help them grow their business. As such, we are also offering registrar services such as Consolidate and Private Registration to help our partners expand the services they can offer to their clients. dotPH Consolidate is a service that allows them to designate a common renewal date for all domains owned by their clients, helping them manage their clients' renewal habits. dotPH Private Registration is a service they can offer to their clients who wish to protect their identity and lessen the risk of receiving domain-related spam and other forms of privacy intrusions.

For more information about becoming a dotPH Partner Registrar, click here.