Policies and Agreements

Persons wishing to apply for the Domain Name Service of dotPH Inc. ("dotPH") must: (i) qualify for registration; (ii) submit certain information to dotPH; and (iii) meet certain conditions as detailed below.

  • Qualifications for Registration

    A Domain Name Applicant ("Applicant") must be either be (a) an identifiable human individual (over the age of 18 years); or (b) a legally recognized statutory entity (such as a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, or PLC).

  • Applicant Information

    Applications for Domain Name Service must be accompanied by the following information ("Applicant Information")

    1. Legally recognized first and last name (surname) of the contact person for the Applicant (this contact person maybe the Applicant itself). If the Applicant is an organization, association, corporation, or other legally recognized entity, the contact person must be a person authorized to legally bind the entity.

    2. Valid postal address of the Applicant.

    3. Functioning e-mail address of the Applicant.

    4. Working telephone number for the Applicant, including country code, area code, and proper extension, if applicable.

    Providing true, current, complete, and accurate contact information is an absolute condition of registration for Domain Name Service with dotPH. If the Applicant Information provided to dotPH, or subsequent modification to that information, contains false, inaccurate or misleading information, or conceals or omits pertinent information, dotPH may terminate, suspend or place on hold the Domain Name registration of any Applicant without notification and without refund to the Applicant.

    The Applicant is responsible for keeping the Applicant Information up to date and responding in a timely fashion to communications from dotPH.

  • Conditions for Registration

    Before a prospective Applicant can secure the registration of a particular Domain Name, five (5) conditions must be met:

    1. Applicant must provide current, complete and accurate Applicant Information to dotPH.

    2. Applicant must acknowledge to have read and understood, and accept and agree to be bound by the dotPH Domain Name Services Agreement.

    3. Applicant must acknowledge to have read and understood, and accept and agree to be bound by dotPH Policies, including the Dispute Policy.

    4. Applicant must submit and dotPH must receive the appropriate payment for the Domain Name Service.

    5. dotPH must accept Applicant's offer to register a Domain Name.

    The Applicant is bound to adhere to dotPH Policies and the dotPH Domain Name Services

    Agreement upon dotPH's dispatch of a confirmation to Applicant that the Domain Name registration has been accepted and completed.

  • Revisions of Policy

    dotPH reserves the right to revise, amend, or modify this Acceptable Use Policy, our Terms of Service Agreement, our Privacy Policy and our other policies and agreements at any time and in any manner. Notice of any revision, amendment, or modification will be posted in accordance with the Terms of Service Agreement.