Policies and Agreements

  1. All complaints against PH domain registrants for copyright infringement and violations of intellectual property shall be commenced by filing a complaint addressed to [email protected] within sixty (60) days from the time the act complained of was discovered.

  2. The complainant shall state the facts upon which it is based, the right allegedly violated by the registrant complained of, and the relief sought by the complainant. It shall be accompanied by at the electronic copy of an affidavit executed by the complainant, containing a statement that the complainant is the owner of the right allegedly violated, and that the facts in the complaint are true and accurate. If the complainant is acting on behalf of a juridical person, the complaint shall also be accompanied by the electronic copy of a duly notarised Special Power of Authority or Secretary’s Certificate. The complainant shall also attach the electronic copy of at least one (1) government-issued identification card to the complaint.

  3. The complaint and its supporting documents shall be forwarded by dotPH to the registrant complained of, who shall then be required by dotPH to respond to the complaint within ten (10) calendar days from receipt thereof.

  4. Should the registrant fail to respond to the complaint within the period stated above, or should the registrant respond but unreasonably fail to grant the relief sought, dotPH shall, upon receipt of complainant’s formal written request (hereinafter, the Request), provide the registration information of the registrant (hereinafter, the Registration Information) to facilitate the filing of a complaint against the registrant before the appropriate body.

  5. dotPH shall release the Registration Information only if the complainant executes the Release, Waiver, and Quitclaim (hereinafter, the Release) attached hereto as Annex “A”. The Release shall be attached to the Request.

  6. dotPH reserves the right to amend, modify and revise the foregoing Referral Procedure without need of prior notice and cause.